Dear faithful Titanium Backup users, we are aware of the Google Drive API outdated issue and are working on a fix. Please look out for our upcoming update very soon. You do not have to report the issue any further until it is fixed.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.7.1

  • Added the ability to batch restore system apps (not just data). See the new “Exclude system APKs” option.
  • Added support for Android 4.2 (no multi-user support at the moment).
  • [PRO] Added new “Exclude system APKs” option to the “app+data” creation job (enabled by default for safety).
  • [PRO] Improved “app+data” creation job to support filtering by platform.
  • Improved root acquisition for “app+data” restoration.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Updated translations.