About Us

Titanium Track was born in October 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.

We are a “4 generations team” of tech weirdos. We’re fond of Android, cloud and mobile computing. We’re often early adopters of new technologies, and we’re still eager to learn.

The Titanium Track team gathers:

  • wise fifties, who survived the punched card era and the PC IT revolution, and manage the unavoidable organization changes to the mobile computing paradigm
  • experienced fourties, who managed projects with PMP and Agile methodologies, designed client-server solutions using various methods such as extreme programming
  • talented thirties, who develop in object and aspect-oriented programming and integrate off-the-shelf open-source software
  • fresh graduated “brains”, who volunteer to sweat and think

Our customers are individuals as well as professionals, who want to integrate mobile computing into their Information Systems.

Our goals are to:

  • offer you “easy to work with” solutions that are able to:
    • Backup your rooted Android device’s data, applications and settings
    • Bridge your Android devices folders with your desktop and servers
    • Store your Android data securely in the Cloud and synchronize it
  • We support your Titanium solutions by:
    • Constantly enhancing them
    • Developing new features
    • Providing answers and tips
    • Frequently delivering new releases and solutions

This website is yours; feel free to provide us with your suggestions, ideas and comments. As dolphin shoal, we welcome freelancers and experts to contribute for better solutions. Thank you guys!