Privacy Policy

This document applies to all versions and instances of:

  • the “Titanium Backup” app published on the Google Android Market,
  • the “Titanium Backup PRO Key” app published on the Google Android Market,
  • the license key files “TitaniumBackup_license.txt”,
  • the “” web site.

In this document:

  • You are referred to as “the user” (masculine form is used for consistency).
  • TitaniumBackup_license.txt is referred to as “the license key file”.
  • is referred to as “the web site”.
  • is referred to as “the Wiki”.

Titanium Backup

Under normal usage scenarios, Titanium Backup has (at least temporarily) superuser (“root”) level access to the user’s phone. This access is used solely for the purpose of making backups of the user’s data and settings, on his request, from his internal phone memory to his memory card (“SD card”). There are other features in Titanium Backup that make use of superuser level access, but they don’t gather data from the user’s phone.

Each backup includes:

  • optionally: a backed up application program (“.apk”)
  • the data and settings of that program
  • a meta data (“.properties”) file that contains information about the backup.

The meta data (“.properties”) contains the following personal information:

  • Phone product model,
  • Phone serial number,
  • Phone ROM build description,
  • Phone ROM build date.

The information contained within the meta data is gathered solely for viewing and filtering purposes by the user.

None of the information contained in the user’s backups will ever leave his memory card (“SD card”), except if the user explicitly enables the “Upload” feature. In that case, some (or all) of the user’s backups will be uploaded through the Internet, to the said online file storage service.

Titanium Backup PRO

Titanium Backup PRO uses the License Verification Library (LVL) to communicate with the Android Market infrastructure. Please refer to the Android Privacy Policy for further information:

Titanium Backup PRO adds the ability to upload the user’s backups to an online file storage service (eg: “Dropbox”). Please use review the Dropbox privacy policy:

Titanium Backup PRO adds the ability to encrypt the user’s backups. Only the data and settings are encrypted, not the application program (“.apk”) nor the meta data (“.properties”).

License key file

If the user has a license key file, the following personal information is retained by the Titanium Backup publisher:

  • The user’s full name and/or company name,
  • The user’s e-mail address (most often: the Paypal e-mail address),
  • The user’s Paypal or Moneybookers transaction ID (if applicable).
  • The transaction date & time (if applicable).

This information is kept for the purpose of providing the user with a new license, in case the user needs it. None of this information is ever shared with third parties, under any circumstances.

Web site & Wiki

The web site is merely a read-only information site, and does not collect any personally identifiable information about the user. The user may create an account on the Wiki to perform modifications and additions to it. In that case, the Wiki database holds a record of the user’s nickname, password and a history of any modifications he has performed on the Wiki.