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Titanium Media Sync:

Titanium Media Sync

About Titanium Media Sync

Titanium Media Sync is an Android app that allows you to sync a set of folders from your Android device to cloud storage. We currently support:

  • The Dropbox service.
  • FTP servers.
  • SFTP (SSH FTP) servers, with either password or public-key client authentication.
  • FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) servers.

It includes an innovative “setup and forget” sync engine which the following features:

  • It is battery friendly.
  • It does not slow down your device if your data is not touched.
  • It will backup new/modified files in the background (eg: the photos, videos you care about) as soon as possible.
  • It will adapt to ever-changing connectivity and power conditions.

Titanium Media Sync supports 2 different sync modes (both are one-way):

  • Continuous sync from Local to Remote.
  • One-shot sync from Remote to Local.

To get a sync started, it’s quite simple:

  • Navigate to the location you want, then drag & drop a folder from one side to the other.
  • To configure the app or manage your syncs, hit MENU.
  • To perform actions on the current folder, hit the “Local” (or the “Remote”) button on top of the screen.
  • To navigate up, swipe your finger from right to left.

In case you can’t connect to Dropbox:

  • Please try a different connection type (3G <=> Wi-Fi).
  • Please ensure that the date/time settings on your device are correct.

Available Languages

  • English
  • Fran├žais
  • Deutsch
  • Norwegian
  • Chinese Simp.
  • Russian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • And many more…

This is a public effort. You can click here to improve the translations. If your language is not there yet, please ask for it!