Dear faithful Titanium Backup users, we are aware of the Google Drive API outdated issue and are working on a fix. Please look out for our upcoming update very soon. You do not have to report the issue any further until it is fixed.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v2.4.3

  • Added support for uploading files bigger than 150 MB to Dropbox.
  • Improved Dropbox engine to use the new Dropbox API (the old one will cease working on December 1st, 2012).
  • Improved Dropbox file upload code with some network fault tolerance.
  • Fixed incorrect display of sync indicators on some ICS platforms.
  • Fixed the annoying glitch where progress notifications jumped up & down during a sync, if another app also had ongoing notifications.
  • Fixed possible FC when creating a “remote to local” sync on Android 4.0+.