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EvGenie & — Early Bird Bundle Offer!

Early Bird Bundle Offer!

My Titanium offers first bundle : EvGenie &

Dear users and friends,
First of all, a big thanks to the 22 million Titanium Backup users for your trust and your confidence in us!

And to our new visitors,
We wish you a warm welcome to the Titanium Community!

EvGenie and

Your data is precious, and no one understands this better than us. Hence, we are about to fulfill your wish by introducing 2 new apps; and EvGenie that are ready for subscription:

  • – a Swiss based Digital Safe to protect your information, away from prying eyes Check It Out!
  • EvGenie – a collaborative calendar to organize your events with privacy. Check out its features and the teaser video inside the My Titanium app!

Many of you have requested the ability to preserve the privacy of their own personal information, by keeping control over its use and its storage:

  • Your privacy is respected,
  • Your digital rights are protected,
  • Your files (pictures, videos, sounds…) still belong to you,
  • “Big ears” and intrusive organizations can’t spy on you,
  • Your profile and your data are never sold nor merchandised to third parties,
  • Your experience is free of any advertisements. and EvGenie have been built using “privacy by design” principles. and EvGenie are for everyone:

  • Android:
    • All devices (rooted and non rooted)
  • PC’s:
    • EvGenie desktop will be available for download on our web site.
    • runs on any HTML5 compatible browser
  • EvGenie for Apple iOS is planned
  • Recurring yearly fee at low cost.

From launch day, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Titanium Backup – yes, even the free version! – to sync your backups from your Android device to safely,
  • Store your own files (including personal & confidential belongings) inside,
  • Safely archive your EvGenie events and their content.

We Guarantee

  • Your privacy: your profile and your data remain private
  • Your digital property rights: your files remain yours
  • That your files are kept safe in containers that are inside your safe
  • That your data is under the protection of the Swiss legal framework that highly respects every individual’s right to information privacy, because it is located in Switzerland and remains there at all times
  • That you can manage the users that are entitled to access your safe
  • That the EvGenie / operators cannot open your safe nor examine its contents
  • No advertising, no tracking, no sneaky ways to make money on your back: we stick to our business model which is, you pay for what you get – just like how it has always been with Titanium Backup!

Your Responsibilities

You are fully responsible and liable for any content stored in your EvGenie events and safe. You commit to only store information that you have the rights to own, ie: that is not illegal, abusive, insulting, stolen, related to terrorism, against civil or human rights, pedophilia, and so on.

Early Bird Bundle Offer

Your subscription will help us finalize the infrastructure that will serve you. With your trust and your precious help, let’s build a future that protects your privacy!

This offer includes EvGenie (advanced version) and

If you subscribe now, we commit to:

  • Deliver EvGenie (advanced version) and as soon as we can (we aim for Q2 2017)
  • Offer you the extended subscription (see table below), starting at product launch date
Subscription Date Offer Details
First 48 Hours Lifetime!
First Week Pay 1 year, get 4 years! 3 years bonus (no fee during the 3 following years)
First Month Pay 1 year, get 3 years! 2 years bonus (no fee during the 2 following years)
Subsequently until launch Pay 1 year, get 2 years! 1 year bonus (no fee during the following year)

You choose the capacity of your safe:

  • 10GB
  • 20GB
  • 50GB
  • 100GB

By the way, all trusted followers who have already subscribed before this offer will automatically receive the lifetime offer!

Bundle Offer