Titanium Media Sync release for Android 4

TitaniumTrack development team announced Titanium Media Sync to be released in the second half of June. So far the tests are successful. Titanium Media Sync will be one of the first synchronization application ready for Android 4 (Also known as Ice Cream Sandwich).

Tips: Take as much picture and videos as you want during events.
During holidays or on special events, you might record videos and photos, and before you realize it, your Smartphone runs out of memory!!!
TMS is one of the synchronization application that can free space on your SD card. When you synchronize a folder you can choose the “move” or “secure move” options. Instead of the traditional copy to the cloud, these options will move the folder and its content to the cloud and delete it on the sd card (delete or secure delete) which frees up the space of your sd memory card. Therefore your photos and videos are securely transferred and stored on your favorite cloud and your smarphone get enough room to record other videos and photos.