Titanium Backup Changelog archive

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.5.3.1

  • Fixed FC at startup on some Android 1.5/1.6 devices, such as the HTC Hero and SonyEricsson X10.
  • Added a button to run a schedule manually.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.5.3

  • Added support for PRO license key on Market.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.5.2

  • Fixed a *very* nasty FC at startup, if Titanium Backup had been downgraded in the past. This was caused by Android which incorrectly downgrades the database version number as soon as we run an older version of an app. Then when we upgrade again, the app sees the old version number and attempts to upgrade the DB, which fails because the DB is already up-to-date. In Titanium Backup, this problem was even worse because of the “auto sync settings to SD card” feature, which made the settings stick around until you erased them from /sdcard/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup. I added two workarounds: an anti-downgrade mechanism which eliminates this problem for the future, and an anti-FC mechanism which allows users to run the latest Titanium Backup version without having to erase its settings.
  • We can now remove system apps on Samsung 2.2 (Froyo) ROMs.
  • Fixed issue during sync to Dropbox.
  • Fixed a couple minor bugs.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.5.1

  • Fixed problems with Market links and SQLite on Samsung ROMs (finally!).
  • Faster Dropbox upload, when some of the files are already present on Dropbox.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.5.0

  • Added Dropbox support in Donate version (one-way sync of a set of custom labels).
  • Added new languages: Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish.
  • Fixed problem with sync of custom labels to the SD card.
  • Fixed problem with live wallpaper resetting itself to default after a backup.
  • Minor GUI fixes.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.4.6

  • Added custom app lists with colors and scheduling support.
  • Added a setting to disable WakeLocks.
  • No more reboot when attempting to batch move apps to SD, if a protected app was encountered.
  • No more kills “com.android.phone” (which then asked for PIN entry).
  • Misc bugfixes and optimizations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.4.5

  • Added “Force attach to market” feature (after long-click on an app). This feature will create a Market link from scratch, without the need for a suitable backup containing that link (ie: unlike the Market Doctor).
  • No more screen wake-up during scheduled backups.
  • Improved the data migration code.
  • Fixed a FC in the Dalvik cache cleaner, when encountering invalid symlinks inside the cache.
  • Minor GUI bugfixes.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.4.4

  • Added “Chuck Norris” mode, which allows Titanium Backup to remove very sticky, usually bloatware apps.
  • Added batch scenarios for moving apps to/from the SD card on Froyo.
  • Move to/from SD card should work on Samsung ROMs in “AUTO, Indirect” mode now.
  • Faster batch scenario calculations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.4.3

  • Added a Dalvik cache cleaner (donators only). This can free up internal space in /data and/or /cache.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.4.2

  • Fixed reboot during restore on some Froyo ROMs such as CM6 (CyanogenMod 6).
  • Fixed detection of SQLite of some ROMs.
  • Fixed occasional crash during backup in Danish version.