Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.8.0

  • Added support for backing up & restoring system apps.
  • Added a new “restore all system data” batch job.
  • Added automatic detection of the external SD card on many platforms.
  • Fixed un-install of system apps: now TB will also un-install any user-installed app updates as well.
  • Fixed wrongful inclusion of data-only backups in the “Restore missing apps” batch job.
  • Improved the properties display for system apps: if they have a user-installed update, then both apk paths are shown.
  • Improved the batch menu to show category titles.
  • Fixed inability to select a result after running the auto-detection of backup folders.
  • Improved the progress dialog during auto-detection of backups.
  • Added gauge for the “/nand” internal storage on the Coby tablet.
  • Added gauge for the Samsung external SD card on CM7.
  • Added Slovak language.