Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.8.8

  • Added “backup app cache” option (default is OFF) for smaller & faster backups. Previous TB versions always backed up the cache.
  • Added auto-reorganization of app data between incompatible devices: SGS<=>SGS2<=>HTC.
  • Added Dutch language.
  • Major improvements in system data migration. Can migrate SMS/MMS from SGS to SGS2 now!
  • Fixed “Filter” & “Batch confirmation” screens to handle internationalization better.
  • Fixed bug on app restart (eg: after switching backup folder).
  • Fixed refresh of “Last run at” indicator after scheduled jobs were run (was just a cosmetic issue).
  • Fixed FC when hitting “Search” button during app startup.
  • Fixed possible FC when long-clicking apps in the list.
  • Fixed bogus “do you want to move 1 backup” message on backup location change.