Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.8.9

  • [PRO] Added ability to protect backups. Protected backups are not subject to “backup history length”.
  • [PRO] Added ability to “force create” Market links in the Market Doctor.
  • Added a new batch job to trim all backups to the current history length.
  • Added support for new Market version 1.0.18 found on some Honeycomb tablets (eg: ASUS Transformer). If you have that, please review the new “Account for Android Market” setting.
  • Added Korean language.
  • Improved the “White” notification icons: Gingerbread-friendly and enabled by default.
  • Improved backup location auto-detect: locations with most backups are listed first.
  • Needs GET_ACCOUNTS permission for detecting Google accounts.
  • Fixed Market link creation bug: it was impossible to force-attach more than one app.
  • Fixed directory display bug, when choosing backup location on some ROMs.