Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.3.0

  • Added CSV data export from data explorer (PRO version). Output goes into “Download” folder, can be e-mailed or uploaded to Google Docs. Also see CSV format settings in Preferences.
  • Added widget & scheduling support for “Move to/from SD”, “Freeze/defrost”, “Integrate sys app updates”, “Remove orphan data”, “Wipe data”, “Delete backups for un-installed apps” and widget support for “Verify latest backups”.
  • Added optional Lights/Sound/Vibrate effects on batch job completion. Default is Vibrate only.
  • Improved “integrate system app update into ROM”, much faster and works on many more devices.
  • Improved update.zip creator to work on many more devices.
  • Improved handling of app data stored on SD card: “Integrate system app update” preserves it, and un-installing a system app deletes it.
  • Improved stability when restoring/converting to system apps.
  • Speed optimizations in root code.
  • Fixed screen orientation bug during “update.zip” creation.
  • Minor GUI tweaks.
  • Major translation updates.