Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.8.0

  • Added new “Reboot” widget, with a choice between “reboot” and “reboot to recovery mode”.
  • [PRO] Added new “Market Update Helper” feature, which can be helpful when you see an update for an app on the Market but can’t download it right away.
  • Added new “Wallpaper” element which supports static and live wallpapers on most Android versions.
  • Added new “Data usage” element (on Ice Cream Sandwich) which covers both the user-defined policy and the stats.
  • Fixed a serious bug in SQLite which sometimes caused permissions to be reset when accessing an app’s database.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Reboot is recommended” message, which didn’t appear for some system data.
  • Some GUI tweaks.
  • Updated translations.