Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.9.0

  • [PRO] Added the ability to load & save custom filters (from the Filters screen).
  • [PRO] Added the ability to use custom filters in Widgets & Schedules. This enables many things that were previously impossible, such as the direct use of Apps/Folder Organizer labels.
  • Improved scheduled jobs: the screen won’t turn on while the device is in standby.
  • Improved scheduled Dropbox/Box sync: if Wi-Fi is enabled in System settings and is selected as a connectivity mode in TB, it will be activated (out of standby mode) and given a chance to connect before the sync. It will then be kept active until the sync is done.
  • Added new “Wi-Fi AP connection timeout” setting (default is 15 seconds).
  • Fixed FC while refreshing a widget or when clicking on it, if a necessary filter was deleted.
  • Fixed possible FC when viewing Play Store (Android Market) info about an app.
  • Fixed FC when opening the Filters screen before Titanium Backup has fully started.
  • Updated translations.