Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.1.1

  • [PRO] Added the ability to send any backup (not just the latest one) through a new button in the backup properties.
  • [PRO] Added the choice between “app+data” and “data only” when sending a backup.
  • [PRO] Improved the “Send backup” feature to create a “.TiBkp” bundle that can be imported in 1 click!
  • Added the ability to import a “.TiBkp” bundle directly from GMail, Google Drive, Dropbox or a web server in 1 click. The app (and/or data) can optionally be restored with a 2nd click. Thanks to this feature, it has now become very easy to publish app data (such as game saves) that anyone can restore in 2 clicks. Enjoy!
  • Improved the “Refresh apps list” feature to also rescan the backups folder (not just the app list).
  • Fixed a possible mixup between different widgets in rare cases.
  • Minor GUI bugfixes.
  • Updated translations.