Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.3.2

  • Added support for system apps located in /vendor/app. They can be un-installed and their updates can be integrated (tested on a Sony-Ericsson Xperia Arc).
  • Added new “Backup new user+system apps & newer versions” batch job, which is now part of the default scheduled jobs that are created on a fresh TB install.
  • Added proper handling of devices that don’t have an Android ID.
  • Improved progress dialogs to not cancel when touching outside on ICS.
  • Improved “Restore from Nandroid” feature to display a notification to recommend a reboot after restoring data only for a system app.
  • Improved notifications on Android 2.2 and earlier: the correct text color is auto-detected now.
  • Force enable the “System app libs in ROM” option on ICS, which allows to successfully convert eg: Google Chrome to a system app with TB’s default settings.
  • Fixed issues when rotating the screen on Android 3.2+.
  • Misc UI tweaks & bugfixes (mainly for ICS & Honeycomb).
  • Updated translations.