Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.4.2

  • [PRO] Added support for extracting apps/data from the new CWM6 de-duplicated Nandroid backups.
  • [PRO] Added XML backup/restore of Wi-Fi networks. In addition to that, on all platforms: private keys and enterprise settings. On Android 3.0+: static IP, DNS and gateway settings. On Android 3.1+: proxy settings.
  • [PRO] Added support for voice mail entries when backing up/restoring the call log in XML. NOTE: Jelly Bean denies this permission for 3rd party apps at the moment.
  • Added required permissions for Wi-Fi: ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, CHANGE_WIFI_STATE and for voice mail: ADD_VOICEMAIL, READ_WRITE_ALL_VOICEMAIL.
  • Added support for external SD on Xoom with Team EOS ROM.
  • [PRO] Improved XML backup/restore UI to show whether root is required or not.
  • [PRO] Improved XML call log backup/restore to also include the country and geocoded location.
  • [PRO] Fixed app extraction from CWM5 backups: works properly on Jelly Bean now.
  • [PRO] Fixed bug in call log backup to XML: when later restoring the backup, some entries appeared in the “NEW” section and future calls appeared below them.
  • [PRO] Fixed bug when restoring messages from XML, which caused received SMS to have the “SIM card” icon on older Android versions.
  • Minor bugfixes for Jelly Bean.