If you don't have Play Store, you can download Titanium Backup from here : https://bit.ly/2BOJEUE

Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.4.2.1

  • This is a bugfix release. Have a look at the changes in 5.4.2 too!
  • Improved messages restore from XML: some “bad” MMS entries are no longer restored (otherwise the MMS app would crash when opening them).
  • Fixed bug in messages restore from XML: TB 5.4.2 failed to restore the SMS on some ROMs.
  • [PRO] Fixed FC when backing up the Wi-Fi networks to XML, if Wi-Fi was disabled.
  • [PRO] Fixed bug when backing up the Wi-Fi networks to XML: sometimes the DHCP-assigned values were (wrongly) included in the backup.
  • Updated translations.