Titanium Backup has been updated to v5.7.0

  • [PRO] Added the ability to create an “update.zip” containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported, encrypted backups are supported, and the resulting file can optionally be signed with ZipSigner.
  • [PRO] Added support for uploading files bigger than 150 MB to Dropbox.
  • Improved “Overview of app storage use” screen, shows the location of each app, supports refresh, supports click / long-click on an app.
  • [PRO] Improved Dropbox file upload code with some network fault tolerance.
  • Fixed bug in “Overview of app storage use” which displayed some unwanted elements in the chart.
  • Fixed failure to un-protect backups on ext2/3/4 filesystem.
  • Fixed FC when importing a backup in some cases.
  • Fixed FC when clicking on a gauge before TB is fully loaded.
  • Misc optimizations & compatibility improvements.
  • Updated translations.