Titanium Backup has been updated to v6.0.0

  • Fully redesigned application menu & special features menu. A perfect excuse to bump the version number yet again!
  • Fixed bug where additional labels could become selected when loading a filter (in the filters screen). It could only occur if both “custom labels” and “apps/folder organizer labels” existed.
  • Fixed labeling of storage location: Android 2.3+ non-removable storage is properly shown as “Media storage” now. If internal storage is also used as media storage, the relevant gauges are merged too.
  • Fixed failure to backup SMS/MMS messages to XML on some Galaxy S3 / Note2 ROMs (eg: Beans v6).
  • Fixed misdetection of Apps2SD feature on some Android 3.0+ devices that don’t support it.
  • Several bugfixes, UI tweaks, cleanups & optimizations.
  • Updated translations.