Titanium Backup has been updated to v6.1.0

  • Added support for specifying power conditions on scheduled jobs.
  • Added support for Wi-Fi XML backup/restore on Android 4.3 (enterprise features not supported).
  • Added specific data exclusion for Media Storage (ie: gallery cache) (enabled by default).
  • Fixed problems when restoring some backups on Android 4.3.
  • Fixed access rights in backup folder on Android 4.3.
  • Fixed failure to un-install system apps on Android 4.3.
  • Fixed issue with “convert to system app” feature on Android 4.2+ (some converted apps failed to work).
  • Fixed issue with XML call log restore: the names weren’t getting restored on some platforms (eg: HTC One).
  • Fixed Android 1.5 support (was broken in TB
  • Updated translations.