EvGenie & MyTi.cloud — Project Halted For Now

Dear Users,

We had big plans for EvGenie & MyTi.cloud and we were on a pursuit of capturing the funding to kickstart the project. However, the outcome was not something that we had anticipated and perhaps we will have to delay the project, if anything.

It has never been our integrity to keep the money for our personal uses and until we are more confident in our offering and perhaps come out with more robust ideas, we are refunding everyone who had supported us and believed us. Please note that while the PayPal refunds are automatic, those who want a refund for an in-app purchase made within My Titanium will still need to contact us (with their Google Wallet order number) and we’ll manually refund them.

Maybe our strategies need some ironing, or maybe the wide public did not realize the idea that we had put forward, but whatever it was, at the moment we are halting the project.

We apologize for any inconvenience, for the false hopes that this might have created, and we hope to see you again in our future projects.


— the Titanium Track team