If you don't have Play Store, you can download Titanium Backup from here : https://bit.ly/2BOJEUE

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Titanium Backup Tips & Suggestions

Titanium Backup is an application beyond just backup utility. Here are some tips & tricks that you might find interesting. Reliability tips Troubleshooting tips Tips to optimize your phone Usability tips Good to know Suggestions and Discussions Reliability tips: When you start Titanium Backup on a new ROM, if you have any doubt about your BusyBox version, it ...

Titanium Backup Cryptography

This page is all about encrypting and decrypting your backups. Questions about encryption and decryption are likely to be founded here. Use the index below for easier navigation to find answer to your question. General I can't enable encryption, why ? What can Titanium Backup encrypt ? How does Titanium Backup encrypt the data ...

Titanium Backup Technical FAQ

This is the technical FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Most probably, if you are looking for a quick answer, it would be found here. If you are looking for the solution to a problem, please look in Titanium Backup Troubleshooting instead. For questions about encryption, please see Titanium Backup Cryptography instead. ...

Titanium Backup User’s Guide

This is the Titanium Backup official manual. If this is the first time you are using Titanium Backup, this is the best place to begin. It will enhance your understanding on the application and at the same time tell you why is this application a must have for any Android ...

The Basics

This is where your journey of understanding the basics begin. We try to answer questions such as "what's a system app?" or "what's a shell?". You will need to understand these nomenclatures and information as it will be used throughout the rest of the knowledgebase. Here is a summary of the ...

Review – AndroHit

"Si vous utilisez Dropbox quotidiennement, Titanium Media Sync est un must have"

Review – Colton Maier from Android Activist

"The brilliant team behind Titanium Backup recently released a new app"

Review – Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker

"TMS is what Dropbox’s mobile app should have been"

Review – Maximum PC

"A simple app that leverages Dropbox to make your phone more awesome."

Review – Droid News

Another review in Russian