Changelog archive

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v2.0.0

  • Added support for syncing with FTP servers.
  • Added support for syncing with SFTP (SSH FTP) servers (supports both password and public-key based client authentication).
  • Added support for syncing with FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) servers.
  • Organize filters/conditions by categories.
  • Show a filter (funnel) symbol on the synced source folder, if a filter is active.
  • Show the name (or type) of the remote account in the header of the right-side browser.
  • Many other improvements.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.7.1

  • Added an optional delay after booting (default is 2 minutes) before the initial sync happens. This speeds up the boot process.
  • Directory names won’t get filtered by the “file name” attribute conditions anymore.
  • Added the VIBRATE permission, which is required by some devices.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.7

  • Fixed a bug when uploading big files to Dropbox, which caused the upload to be retried over and over.
  • Fixed a database problem that caused a FC upon sync creation on some devices (eg: Xperia X10 on 2.1). Big thanks to Chicobyte for reporting and testing the fix !
  • Added Spanish (Castellano) language.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.6

  • Added full support for inclusion filters, complete with predefined filters and a filter editor.
  • Added French, German, Russian and Chinese languages, with a language override mechanism.
  • Improved startup code to allow the file explorer to operate very quickly after the app starts, even before the local tree is scanned.
  • Fixed FC on Android 1.5/1.6, which happened since version 1.0.3.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.5

  • Show the currently syncing item (and related arrow) in yellow.
  • Auto-exclude files bigger than 300MB (minus 1kB) due to a Dropbox limitation. This file size limit is now displayed in the Accounts list.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the app to retry some big uploads, while they had in fact succeeded.
  • Fixed a problem where the GUI was freezing (causing bad startup performance and a possible FC) if there are many local files to scan.
  • Added the ability to remove local and remote directories (use with care !).
  • Added a setting to display synced files/folders on top of the lists (disabled by default).

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.4

  • Fixed handling of special characters in directory names during upload.
  • Auto-exclude “.thumbnails” folders from the sync.
  • Fixed a rare FC during file browser refresh.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.3

  • Prevent Android from stopping the sync service during long transfers.
  • Maintain the screen on, while the GUI is displayed *and* a sync is in progress.
  • Added an option to disable the “Sync not allowed now” notification.
  • Added a “Retry sync now” button, in case of errors.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.2

  • Fixed incorrect handling of some special characters in directory names, which caused a Dropbox scan failure.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.1

  • Added compatibility with Android 2.1 and earlier.
  • Added support for 4G (WiMAX) connectivity.
  • Fixed rare FC when service gets unloaded.
  • Fixed FC when opening the Accounts screen, if Dropbox credentials are incorrect.
  • Improved power and connectivity status display in pull-up drawer.

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.0

  • Show sync engine status in the pull-up area.
  • Added periodic auto-refresh of the pull-up area.
  • Properly handle the non-mounted state of the SD card on boot.