Changelog archive

Titanium Media Sync has been updated to v1.0.0-beta5

  • Show trailing slash in paths, in “execute action at” dialog.
  • Made the drawer semi-transparent.
  • Represent each connection between local and remote sides with an arrow.
  • Improved speed of remote directory refreshes.
  • Fixed recent bug which prevented exploration of remote directories, if requirements were not met.
  • Added the ability to drag&drop a directory between sides, in order to create it on the other side and then sync the contents.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.5.2

  • Added new “Advanced app control” feature that will pause/resume apps while making backups, instead of terminating them (PRO only).
  • Added support for longer backup history lengths: 30, 35, 40, 50.
  • Improved the backups list to also display app version codes.
  • Fixed a bug with data-only batch restores where apps were not getting terminated.
  • Fixed a potential bug in PRO license caching code.
  • Fixed GUI layout in the Filters screen for some languages.
  • Updated translations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.5.1

  • Improved PRO licensing, can handle up to 1 month without Internet access! (most other apps bail out after 24 hours).
  • Improved “Integrate system app update into ROM” to work on more devices (eg: LG P690/GT540, Motorola Droid).
  • Improved Filters feature to search package names too.
  • Fixed issues on devices with a read-only SD card. Now the PRO key shall work properly while offline & the “sync settings” feature shall work.
  • Fixed Dropbox sync bug: if the backup folder is empty *but* has a metadata sub-folder (eg: “.thumbnails”), TB will behave properly and sync the backups back from Dropbox.
  • Fixed possible hang when un-installing updated system apps.
  • Fixed “TB data size increase” after integrating system app updates into ROM.
  • Fixed bugs in German translation which caused a FC when wiping apps’ data.
  • Major translation updates.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.5.0

  • Added support for backing up & restoring external app data, which is at /Android/data/ on SD card. Very useful for apps like “SwiftKey X” and many others! This feature is *enabled* by default, but with an upper limit of 32MB. Instead of the size limit you can use a label to include/exclude the external data upon backup, or you can enable/disable this feature unconditionally.
  • Improved self-test code to detect WAL bug and refuse DB conversion on Galaxy S2 stock ROMs. This is *essential* because if the conversion was made and an app was launched, these ROMs failed to read the DB properly and instead of throwing an error, they deleted the DB files! Our sincere apologies to those who got bitten. Whenever Samsung fixes this issue & adds proper WAL support to their ROMs, TB will automatically detect it.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Major translation updates.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.4.0

  • Added two new batch jobs that can convert app databases to/from the newer & faster WAL format (PRO).
  • Added automatic switch of app data to the active data profile upon restore (can be disabled in Preferences).
  • Various GUI improvements & tweaks.
  • Fixed crash while viewing the apps list, if the backup contains a corrupted icon.
  • Some bugfixes.
  • Updated translations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.3.1

  • Added new “Open system details” button when long-clicking on app.
  • Added optional confirmation when manually deleting a backup or wiping an app’s data.
  • Added ability to sort apps by last update time, with a date display (Gingerbread).
  • Improved accuracy when sorting apps by install date, and added a date display (Gingerbread).
  • Fixed bug in the Market link code: in some cases after restoring an app or integrating an update into ROM, the Market wrongly believed that an update for that app was available.
  • Fixed bug with “Min age for refresh” setting: it was previously possible to input zero or an empty value.
  • Updated translations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.3.0

  • Added CSV data export from data explorer (PRO version). Output goes into “Download” folder, can be e-mailed or uploaded to Google Docs. Also see CSV format settings in Preferences.
  • Added widget & scheduling support for “Move to/from SD”, “Freeze/defrost”, “Integrate sys app updates”, “Remove orphan data”, “Wipe data”, “Delete backups for un-installed apps” and widget support for “Verify latest backups”.
  • Added optional Lights/Sound/Vibrate effects on batch job completion. Default is Vibrate only.
  • Improved “integrate system app update into ROM”, much faster and works on many more devices.
  • Improved creator to work on many more devices.
  • Improved handling of app data stored on SD card: “Integrate system app update” preserves it, and un-installing a system app deletes it.
  • Improved stability when restoring/converting to system apps.
  • Speed optimizations in root code.
  • Fixed screen orientation bug during “” creation.
  • Minor GUI tweaks.
  • Major translation updates.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.2.1

  • Added a new “Remove orphan data” batch job, for suppressing app data that is no longer needed.
  • Added a faster method for accessing the Android Market, which also gives more accurate results. It’s enabled by default, but can be disabled with the “Use exact Market check-in data” option.
  • Fixed the bug which caused an incorrect “Failed key check with Google” notification to appear instead of a success message, when installing the PRO key for the first time.
  • Completely reworked the Danish translation.
  • Updated translations.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.2.0

  • **IMPORTANT** If you have the PRO key from Market, please upgrade it to latest version (1.2.0+) first.
  • Added ability to force close apps.
  • Added support to scan system apps in Market Doctor.
  • Added support for the “Redo old (> X days) backups” job in widgets and scheduling.
  • Rewritten backup management code, MUCH faster when handling a lot of backups. This speeds up the batch scenario calculations too.
  • Rewritten licensing code, handles connectivity problems much better.
  • Rewritten & MUCH faster Market auto-updates editor.
  • Fixed FC of Market Doctor & auto-updates manager if Market not present.
  • Fixed bug in “force-attach to Market” feature, which sometimes failed to work with the new Market.
  • Fixed “Restore newer versions of user apps” batch job to properly exclude system apps.
  • Fixed time zone issue when displaying scheduled times in “Schedules” tab.
  • Fixed “reload app” feature to re-detect all Market information.
  • Major translation updates.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v4.1.0.1

  • Fixed FC when performing various actions on devices that don’t have Android Market.
  • Fixed FC with German translation when viewing backups for an app.
  • Updated translations.