Titanium Backup Changelog archive

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.6.3

  • Fixed incorrect values with Apps2SD gauge on some ROMs.
  • Fixed “update.zip” file creation on Samsung ROMs. Please set the “Apps processing mode” to “AUTO, Indirect” for this to work.
  • Added Ukrainian language.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.6.2

  • Fixed exception when launching widget actions (sorry !).
  • Fixed broken Italian translation (crashed when opening the Preferences).
  • Fixed Swedish translation (Filters screen did not display correctly).

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.6.1

  • Fixed Apps2SD-related exception on startup (happened with some ROMs).

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.6

  • Added setting within scheduled action to reboot the phone when it finishes.
  • Added ability to add all displayed elements to an existing custom label.
  • Allow Market PRO users to define their name and e-mail address, which are then displayed in the Welcome screen.
  • Added Svenska (Swedish) language.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of Apps2SD partition on some ROMs where an unused /sd-ext mount point exists.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.5

  • Fixed a data corruption problem during *download* of backups (from Dropbox to the phone). Affected Titanium Backup versions are 3.6.4 to If you only *uploaded* backups (ie: normal sync, from the phone to Dropbox) then you are 100% safe. If you have doubts, do a batch verification. If you are affected, please: A) delete them from the phone and re-download them from Dropbox with a PC, or B) delete all backups and do a full sync from Dropbox again.
  • Added in-app language selection.
  • Improved error handling in the Dropbox code.
  • Updated translations. Note: crowdin.net only snapshots once a day, so the Spanish, Russian and Czech translations in this release are from yesterday, sorry…

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.4.2

  • Added an option (disabled by default) to automatically disconnect apps from Market upon freezing.
  • Fixed a screen layout problem with the Russian language.
  • Updated language files.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.4.1

  • Added support for restoring prior backups on Samsung JPU/JPX ROMs.
  • Added an option to hide the virtual keyboard when opening the Filters dialog.
  • Updated and optimized language files.
  • Minor GUI fixes.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.4

  • Added sync from Dropbox, if no backups exist on the phone.
  • Added removal of /dbdata/databases/xx when wiping an app’s data on Samsung ROMs.
  • Added support for backing up app data that is stored on an ext2/3/4 partition and symlinked to /data/data/xx.
  • Allow an absolute path (starting with “/”) to be specified as the backup directory.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.3.2

  • Added ability to filter backups by platform (eg: by the ROM, device or Android version on which it was made).
  • Added batch freeze/defrost.
  • Fixed PRO key detection issues on some devices (eg: G1, Xperia).
  • Faster batch scenario calculations.
  • Faster scrolling in apps list.

Titanium Backup has been updated to v3.6.2

  • Added ability to filter apps by location (internal/external/both).
  • Added ability to sign the update.zip file (needs ZipSigner from the Market).
  • Fixed bug with Apps2SD gauge showing “0 bytes” in some cases.